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of the structures. >>> u.s. president barack obama is telling syrian leader bashar al assad to think twice before using chemical weapons in the country's civil war. he suggests resorting to weapons of mass destruction could force the american military to take action. >> the use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. and if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons, there will be consequences and you will be held accountable. >> secretary of state hillary clinton echoed obama's words. she says the use of chemical weapons is a red line for the u.s. she warned her country would certainly plan to take action should that happen. foreign ministry spokespersons in syria have responded to clinton and obama. they say even if such weapons were available the assad administration would not use them under any circumstances against the syrian people. >>> aid workers from the united nations and the european union continue to provide humanitarian services even after u.n. cease-fire monitors withdrew from syria in august. now officials have decided to withdraw their remaining personnel
to be a very, very tough challenge. >>> u.s. president barack obama said americans cannot tolerate another mass shooting. he addressed mourners at a vigil for 26 people killed at the school in connecticut. >> we honestly say we're doing enough to keep our children, all of them, safe from harm? we will have to change. >> this was the fourth time obama had to attend a memorial for victims of a mass shooting. the gunman walked into the elementary school on friday with an assault rifle and killed 20 children and 6 adults. investigators say he shot most victims multiple times. police identified the gunman as adam lanza. he killed himself after officers arrived on the scene. investigators say they don't know his motives. the members of congress are calling for stricter gun control. some are talking about a bill to ban the sale of assault weapons. others argue that would not have prevented the shooting. >>> people in south korea are heading to the polls to choose a new president. and they could put a woman in the job for the first time. two main candidates sparred in the final tv debate ahead of wedne
with u.s. president barack obama. they talked about meeting next month in washington. it would be abe's first foreign visit after forming a new government. he's made strengthening the japan/u.s. relationship a priority. nhk world has more from washington. >> people in the obama administration place a high priority on stability in the asia-pacific. they have been troubled by increasing tension between japan and china over which country owns the senkaku islands in the east china sea. their concerned thathe conflict i claims allowed to fester could unsettled dynamic in the region. they want to see policies and sophisticated diplomacy to calm the swaituation. they're drawn into military confrontation because of their alliance with japan. >> our message to the new japanese government will be the same as the message to the former japanese government, which is that we want to see both japan and china avoid provocative acts. we want to see them talk to each other and work this through by dialogue. >> now japan has stirred up another territorial dispute with south korea. u.s. official want up
barack obama is cutting short his christmas holiday to carry on the negotiations to avert drastic budget cuts and tax increases. obama is scheduled to return to washington on thursday in time to restart talks. the u.s. president is asking congressional executives to compile a compromise plan that features continued tax cuts for the middle class. that represents a shift in his policy that called for higher taxes on the wealthy, along with measures to cut the fiscal deficit. talks between democrats and republicans came to a standstill last week. a deal still remains uncertain. the republicans canceled a vote on their compromise plan. that's because many republicans remain opposed to any kind of tax hikes. >>> china has opened what it calls the world's longest high-speed rail line. the railway links the capital city of beijing and ghangzhou in the south. shun ishibe have more. >> reporter: the first high-speed train for beijing is about to leave guangzhou south railway station. many passengers are carrying coats, because the temperature in beijing is about 20 degrees centigrade lower than h
employment data after president barack obama was re-elected. the unemployment rate last month fell to 7.7% from 7.9% in october. the jobless rate has now been below 8% for three straight months. u.s. employers added 146,000 jobs in the nonfarm sector such as retail trade, professional, and business services and health care. that's more than economists had forecast. u.s. employers added 138,000 jobs in october. the officials of the labor department say hurricane sandy, which shook the country's east coast in late october, did not substantively impact the national unemployment estimates for november. >>> a legal battle between two smartphone giants, apple of the united states and samsung of south korea, rages on. the california federal district court has reopened the case over smartphone and other patents. the court has resumed a hearing before handing down its final ruling. back in august, a jury ordered samsung to pay more than $1 billion to damages in apple. now samsung is seeking to overturn that verdict. in thur's session the judge urged the two sides to reach a settlement on a globa
the political winds around it. if, for example, president obama had lost the election and governor romney had won, it would not have affected our work. >> reporter: nrc officials are reviewing the safety of u.s. nuclear facilities following the fukushima accident. magood says they have learned what happened there. one lesson involves filters. the absorb radioactive material when plants are vented. the fukushima plant didn't have them so more contamination was able to get out. >> we've asked the question in our country, should we install filters? this is a way of removing contamination from the exhaust after a nuclear accident. we don't require filters today. but we may change. so, we're looking -- reviewing that. >> reporter: magwood also believes in focusing on education, which the u.s. did following the 1979 three mile island accident. fewer people in japan are choosing to study nuclear science. >> how do you convince students to go devote their lives to this field when it's not clear to what the future is? so, it's going to be a big challenge. in the u.s., we look at scholarships, fellowsh
to improve its intellectual property protection. this is the first trade meeting after president barack obama was re-elected for a second term and ping succeeding as the new communist party leader. >>> japanese government officials have asked counterparts to have intergovernmental talks. that's on china's extra tariffs on the imports of steel tubes from japan. japan argue that's china imposed anti-docking tariffs on a seamless stain else steel tubes without prior explanation to japan in violation of world trade organization rules. the tubes are widely used at power stations. the two governments are expected to hold talks soon. if they fail to reach an agreement within 60 days, japan will ask the world trade organization to set up a panel to handle the dispute. the japanese officials say they hope the move will discourage china from imposing extra duties on other imports from japan. >>> warmer temperatures ahead. our meteorologist is here with the details. robert? >> well, things are clearing up much across japan now, actually. the light showers here along the east coast really are just from t
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7